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Training: 200 hour CorePower Yoga
Teaching Style: Energized, graceful, mindful and kind.

On My Playlist: Shallou, Golden Vessel, Mumford & Sons, ODESZA
Inspired By: The opportunity to help people.
Favorite Pose: Tree Pose

Mantra: Feel what you're feeling and breathe through it.
Say Hey: IG: @thewellnessjeannie // www.thewellnessjeannie.com

Training: 500 Hour RYT
Teaching Style: Mindful breath linked flow that moves organically and builds intelligently, with moments of challenge to build strength and moments of stillness and stretch to create space
On My Playlist: Sol Rising, DJ Taz Rashid, ford., Rising Appalachia
Inspired By: People who are fearless!
Favorite Pose: Side Plank
Mantra: Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful
Say Hey: IG: @rachelhessenyoga

Training: RYT 500 with training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot, HIIT Pilates, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra
Teaching Style: My intention is to help you experience YOUR yoga.
On My Playlist: Music that reflects life's complexities and beauty
Inspired By: People who are kind, courageous and open
Favorite Pose: Natarajasana (Dancer)
Mantra: Love is all.
Say Hey: IG: @lllsage // Laura LaSage Lusson on Facebook // laurayogalove@gmail.com

Training: 500 Hour Power Yoga, Sculpt, Restorative, Hot Fusion, SUP Yoga
Teaching Style: I aim to be intentional, creative, and uplifting.
On My Playlist: Sol Rising, Hozier, Nora En Pure, + anything on my Spotify Discover Weekly
Inspired By: Other yoga teachers who came before me
Favorite Pose: Extended side angle - so juicy!
Mantra: Let life take its course, let go of control

Say Hey: IG: @shelbyquinnc

Training: RYT 200 HR at Power Yoga Chicago
Teaching Style: My classes are powerful, creative, and energetic!
On My Playlist: The Big Wild, Odesza, mommy, DJ ZeeZee, Holmsey, Petit Biscuit...I love all artists and all genres though! 
Inspired By: MC Sweet...she has a background in dance and music like me, and loves powerful yoga classes influenced by strong movement and every style of music you can imagine. 
Favorite Pose: Just one?! Fine...Handstands!!!
Mantra: My gratitude is the mirror into my strength and grace. 
Say Hey: IG: @em_b_connolly

Training: 2,000+ hours of formal yoga training: Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa, Bhakti, Katonah, Iyengar, Restorative, Yin, Kundalini, Pranayama, Meditation, and Thai Yoga 
Teaching Style: Lighthearted with an unexpected blend, uniting different techniques into creative sequences that lovingly push and expand students just beyond what they may think is possible
On My Playlist: Chill electric hip hop beats 
Inspired By: Nature 
Favorite Pose: Wild Thang
Mantra: Fueled by Freedom. Lost in Flow.
Say Hey: IG: @Fannyyoga // @Yeah_Yoga 

Training: teaching since 2016 - 200 HR RTY Certified - going for my 300 Hrs! 
Teaching Style: Flowing Meditation - Vinyasa Style connecting every breath with movement
On My Playlist: Rufus du Sol & Lane 8
Inspired By: Brene Brown & Jessica Olie & My Parents

Favorite Pose: Tree Pose
Mantra: Practice Makes Progress
Say Hey: IG: @tashGLibe // www.gittelsolutions.com

Training: E-RYT 500 Vinyasa, Ashtanga, 200 Hour Katonah Yoga
Teaching Style: My style blends artfully designed sequences that bring the body into a state of flow, accompanied by beats that set the soul free, while offering the power of touch to support increased awareness and new vantage points.
On My Playlist: Anything with groovy beats that promote balance between rooted and uplifted energy
Inspired By: Nature
Favorite Pose: Handstand
Mantra: Simply be at peace and free
Say Hey: IG: @ginamarciano // www.ginamarcianoyoga.com

Training: 500 RYT both 200 and 300 hr taken through CPY training
Teaching Style: I love to create sequences that are well rounded, play towards a common theme, and make you think (stay present) and sweat! 
On My Playlist: James Vincent mcmorrow, Para for Cuva, ahh too many to name 
Inspired By: I get most of my inspiration through personal practice, feeling out postures in my body, and learning from my fellow teachers- they are all unique rockstars!
Favorite Pose: Nothing better than that 1st Downward Dog
Mantra: I am and will be okay. Everything is okay. 
Say Hey: IG: @kmax1