In partnership with Rebecca Niziol of Work with Soul and DJ Alissa.Jo of Deep House Yoga, our newest experience, Euphoria is about turning up the volume on everything that feels good in your body and life. This 90-minute, live DJ yoga practice gets your heart pumping with a playful flow and then takes you to the sweet surrender of rest. Designed to help you rise above stress and root deep into connection that leaves you feeling, dare we say‚Ķ euphoric. The perfect way to end your work week and drop into bliss, whether you come solo or with your soul crew. All experience levels are welcome. 

After class, join us upstairs at WorkingFrom_ for Euphoria Hour to continue the good times.  Spark new connections and relax into your weekend. 


tsb at the hoxton


With Rebecca Niziol and DJ Alissa Jo

As yoga instructors, we have the responsibility to transition our students safely from pose to pose with as little risk of injury as possible. In this 3.5-hour workshop led by Ali Brashler, designed specifically for the vinyasa yoga teacher we will discuss ways to safely, yet creatively build sequences that flow naturally in the body and inspire the student. This workshop will include anatomy lecture, teaching practice, and discussion and leave you with the tools to amplify your teaching skills.

This Session will begin with a 75-minute vinyasa flow highlighting the sequencing techniques to be covered after in lecture. Ali will introduce sequencing poses for specific body parts, peak poses, and how to build a class around specific actions and anatomical principles while leading your students on a progressive journey.


SUNDAY | MARCH 8 | 12 - 3:30PM

Cost:  $115

With Ali Brashler

Learn to balance on your own strength, bend with grace and get upside down in this workshop series led by John Shostrand. This 3-part Series of 90-minute workshops will help you bend, fly, and get upside down.

Balance: A Arm Balance Workshop will focus on finding your strength and balance in poses such as Crow, Flying Pigeon, and the Koundinyasana family of poses.

Bend: A Backbending Workshop will focus on finding strength and grace in backbends such as Camel, Upwardfacing Bow (Wheel), and Dropbacks.

Fly: An Inversion Workshop will focus making your hands your feet and taking flight in poses such as Forearm Stand and Handstand.  


march 5, 12, 19 | 7pm | River North 

Price:  $45 Each or Purchase the series for $120

With John Shostrand

In partnership with Rooted Beings, The Space Between brings you The Meditation Collective - a 21-day, community meditation experience designed to help you establish or deepen your personal meditation practice.  

The Meditation Collective begins with a 90-minute, meditation workshop at TSB at The Hox where you will learn meditation techniques, tips and tricks as well as gather with fellow participants.  

You will spend the next 21 days meditating using guided meditations courtesy of Rooted Beings.  Stay encouraged and on track with check-ins from facilitators and accountability partners. 

The Meditation Collective will culminate in another 90-minute workshop and social gathering.  


mARCH 15 - APRIL 5 | 2020


Cost:  $88

With Rooted Beings 


- Connection to the community in the collective with two in-person gatherings (3/15 and 4/5)
- Various meditation techniques + tips to carry with you
- Gift bags with journals
- Daily access to guided meditation recordings
- Accountability partners
- Physical, mental and emotional nourishment
- Opportunity to win a supportive 
meditation gift set, including a $100 Outdoor Voices gift card