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We believe we each have magic to share with the world and we want to help you discover your magic and learn how to share it through the yoga practice


yoga teacher training

Whether in a group class or private setting you will be able to create and hold a sacred space for cultivation and expansion. We meet you in the space between where you are and where you want to be, in a place of self-discovery, on a quest for self-love.

Similar to the style of yoga we practice, each training weaves together with the next to create a complete transformational journey. We are breathing new life into a beautiful, ancient practice through movement, music, meditation, breathwork, and inspiration. The Space Between lineage is a modern twist of Vinyasa Yoga. The Vinyasa practice is often described as a moving meditation, where practitioners cultivate a mindful awareness of their body, breath, and mind. By placing each movement and posture in a special way, curated sequences evolve into dynamic and transformative experiences.

Vinyasa gives potent space to be free, to allow the body to move in an intuitive way inviting creativity to flow. The power of the breath creates the pace of the movements. The body transitions in new directions and lingers in the shapes meant to expand your being. Intentional breathwork and soulful guidance help you go beyond the mind. Meditative moments to simmer in the vibrations in order to peel back the layers to access the freshest part of you. The relationship between asana, pranayama, and meditation is one of interdependence and synergy. Each element supports and enhances the others, creating a practice that integrates physical, energetic, and mental well-being so that you come alive within.

                                              for this training is to offer a transformational and grounded experience for not only yourself but for others willing to receive it.


We have created a multi-dimensional and experiential 200 hour teacher training based on three core learning principles:


Tapping into the mind and learning through lecture, reading, discussion and conversation 


Experience the teachings through experiential programming that brings the Yoga Alliance Core Curriculum to life.


Embody the teachings so that they may be infused into the body, mind and soul translated through the practical application of practice teaching.

the Practice Begins

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Our 13-week, modular format offers both immersive learning and space for integration. This training will offer skills and practices that extend beyond the yoga practice. You will learn rituals that will help you develop as a teacher and a human and you will do all of this alongside a connected and diverse sangha (community) of people who you will learn and grow with over the 13-week program.  

module 1
4 Weeks | MARCH 15 - APRIL 4, 2024

Weekend Immersion:

Growing roots and building a strong foundation for the yoga practice through asana (physical postures), history, and philosophy.


Friday, MARCH 15

12pm – 8pm

Saturday, MARCH 16

10am – 7pm

Sunday, MARCH 17

10am – 6pm

Tuesday + Thursdays


6PM – 9PM



7pm – 9pm

++ 2 classes at TSB per week required for the duration of this module and 2, 1-hour mentor meetings during this module.

module 2
3 Weeks | April 9 - april 26, 2024

Weekend Immersion:

Transcending the physical and exploring the energetics of the yoga practice through meditation, pranayama and the subtle layers and teachings of yoga.


Friday, april 12

12pm – 8pm

Saturday, april 13

10am – 7pm

Sunday, april 14

10am – 6pm

Tuesday + Thursdays

april 9 – april 25

6PM – 9PM


april 26

7pm – 9pm

++ 2 classes at TSB per week required for the duration of this module and 2, 1-hour mentor meetings during this module.

6 Weeks | april 30 - june 9, 2024

Weekend Immersions:

Turn your learnings into your teaching and become skilled in sequencing, cueing, physiology and anatomy, the business and ethics of yoga.


Friday, may 17

12pm – 8pm

Saturday, may 18

10am – 7pm

Sunday, may 19

10am – 6pm

Tuesday + Thursdays

april 30 – june 9

6PM – 9PM


may 10 + may 31

7pm – 9pm

++ 2 classes at TSB per week required for the duration of this module and 2, 1-hour mentor meetings during this module.

Friday, june 7

12pm – 8pm

Saturday, june 8

10am – 7pm

Sunday, june 9

10am – 6pm

lululemon Lincoln Park Experiential

944 W North Ave, Chicago


Stephanie Rosenblum


Read Stephanie's bio here.


TSB YTT Creator + Lead Trainer

Jennifer Lynne Le Vine

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Laura Lusson

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13-Week, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

Your TSB YTT Tuition will be made in three installments:

1st Installment 


A non-refundable installment of $750 is due at the time of signing up for TSB 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. This installment will be deducted from your remaining balance. Two additional payments will be made. 

2nd Installment 


The second installment will be due 2 months / 60 days prior to the start of YTT and will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. 

3rd Installment


The remaining balance will be due 1 month / 30 days prior to the start of YTT and will be automatically charged to the credit card on file. 

Tuition includes a Membership to cover your 2X/week classes at TSB for the duration of the training, required text books and asana cards.

If you sign up for YTT within 2 months or 60 days of the first day of YTT, you will pay 50% of the tuition cost and the remaining balance will be due 1 month/30 days prior to the start of YTT. 

If you sign up for YTT within 1 month / 30 days prior to the start of YTT, you will pay 100% of the tuition at that time.

4 sliding-sacle/reduced cost spots will be available. Contact us to learn more about the application process.

Got questions? Email us at learn@thespacebetweenyoga.com

Refund Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $750 is due at the time of signing up for TSB 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

If withdraw your enrollment between 90 - 60 days prior to the start of YTT, you will forfeit your $750 Deposit AND 50% of your 1st Installment (see payment details above)

If you withdraw your enrollment between 59 - 30 days prior to the start of YTT, you will forfeit your $750 Deposit AND 75% of your remaining balance. 

No refunds will be given within 30 days of the start of YTT*. 

Refunds After the Program Start Date*

There will be no refunds after the start date of the program. If the you withdraw from the program for any reason after it starts, you will be responsible for paying the full tuition, regardless of any partial payments that have been made to date.

*We are humans and understand that life happens. We will review any special circumstances that may prohibit you from attending YTT after signing up. While no refunds will be given, we may grant you the opportunity to defer your tuition to a future YTT semester. 

Attendance Policy

We strive for 100% attendance and require completion of the 200 hours and all designated requirements to graduate and receive a certificate of completion from our program. You may miss up to one, 3-hour session per module without financial penalty. Any missed content will be your responsibility to make up. Any sessions missed beyond the allowance will be your responsibility to make up and you must pay an additional cost of $75/hour for private make-up sessions with a lead teacher. You will be required to schedule make-up time with the program director. Class attendance will be taken throughout the training.

In the case of any emergency absences, please notify the program director immediately. If you have planned absences that conflict with attendance in the program, please contact the program director to discuss options.

Being on time is important to us and the program. You are expected to be at each session 10 minutes before the start time in order to set up and so that the training may start on time. If you are late more than 3 times, this will result in a deduction of 1 hour from your total contact hours.

A leave of absence from the program will be granted due to medical disability or other extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the program director. In this case you will be able to apply unused tuition for the next available YTT session. If tuition is increased for the next available session, you will be responsible to pay the higher rate.

We understand that a lot of life happens outside of the classroom. Please contact the Program Director to discuss extenuating circumstances that may cause you to miss any amount of class.

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100Hr Yin and Restorative
100Hr Kundalini Training
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Stephanie’s teachings have developed from formal training in various disciplines: Yoga Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Kundalini, Bhakti, Katonah Yoga with over a decade of experience leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats. 

Her goal is that you understand something new about your body, habitual behaviors, and thought patterns; so that you can live a vibrant life of balance and kindness to yourself, your community, and Earth.




Prenatal Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Sound Healing
Barre + Sculpt certifications 

Jennifer’s mantra is that compassion begins within and radiates outward, extending and illuminating to all beings. She has been dedicated to studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. She is passionate about creative mandala sequencing, teaching experiential advanced vinyasa, cosmic yin and nidra, and alchemizing yoga and barre together. 

Her teaching style is a balance between energetic alignment and subtle introspection, connecting it all with breath & body awareness. She likes to bring in Vedanta philosophy and Indian deities, Goddess and Shakti energy, the Eight Limbed Path, and Mantras & Mudras into her classes. 




RYT 200 - Yoga By Degrees 2017
RYT 300 - Chicago Yoga Center 2019
30-Hour Yoga Nidra Training 2021
85-Hour Prenatal Certification - Zen Yoga Garage 2023
And many more...

Laura's mission is to practice and share her love of yoga with people of all ages, experiences, and levels of awareness; boost students’ mental, physical and spiritual health through yoga and meditation; empower people to be their true self; be active in communities that appreciate and celebrate life and others; learn every day.


Daryn Schwartz


200hr - Alchemy of Yoga, Ubud, Bali
200hr - Stephanie Rosenblum/ Yeah Yoga
50hr - Restorative Arts - Sam Bianchini
30Hr - Katonah Yoga 
16hr - Yoga Nidra - Sam Bianchini
and various continuing education trainings

Founder and operator of The Space Between, Daryn Schwartz wants to share the yoga practice and the art of holding space through teaching with The Space Between community.

Waiting until the time was right to share this training with the world, Daryn and The Space Between team have been holding space for thousands of people in many ways including yoga classes + experiences, retreats, workshops, community experiences and simply by being there.