A candlelit, vinyasa-inspired, flow set to an expertly crafted playlist, turned up loud to help you feel all the feels. Expect strong poses, long holds, and thoughtfully slow transitions. Each class will include intentional breathwork and soulful guidance to help you go beyond the mind and come alive within. Alive is designed to awaken your soul while also challenging your body. All levels welcome, however, we recommend starting with Rooted if you are new to the yoga practice. Class is heated to a warm 80-85 degrees unless noted in the schedule.




Designed to help your body and your mind come undone from the demands of life, Undone combines slow, intentional movements with restorative postures aided by props to help you unwind. Surrender your body, unravel your mind and let that sh*t go. Class is heated to a warm 80-85 degrees.


A dynamic and energetic 60-minute class designed to build strength and endurance that will contribute to your yoga practice. This signature TSB class incorporates a diverse mix of fundamental yoga elements, as well as bodyweight strength-based movements that target major muscles groups. Enter this class strong and expect to leave feeling fierce, energized, and of course strong(er).  
Class is heated to a warm 85-88 degrees.


Get rooted in your practice, building from the foundation up. Whether you’re just stepping into your yoga journey or you’re an experienced yogi looking to build a stronger foundation for your practice, Rooted is the perfect class for you. Get a better understanding of poses and their purpose, optimal and safe body alignment, how to link breath to movement, and the beautiful principles and history of yoga. But don’t be fooled, this class is not ‘easy’ and will challenge you in every way. Class is unheated.

 A 60 minute class designed to help you get grounded in your practice, building from the foundation up.


60 Minute restorative or yin class meant to help you and your body unwind from the physical and mental demands of your life.