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Nov 15, 2019

Thriving Through The Holidays Booze-Free

It seems like so many things in life revolve around drinking – celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or literally anything else to be celebrated), gatherings (dinner parties, going out with friends) and of course the holidays. But with the #SoberCurious movement on the rise (we’ll get to that in just a minute), the holidays might pose as a challenging time. However, they don’t have to be! Today we’re sharing how you can not only survive the holidays booze-free, but THRIVE.



So what is Sober Curious? With all things wellness being at the forefront of our minds now, we’re finally starting to realize that those Friday night tequila shots don’t necessarily complement our self-care practices. Certainly, we are all about balance (green juice and pizza, anyone?) But if you’re a regular at our 9am yoga class on Saturdays, chances are you’re going to regret those Friday plans the second your alarm goes off the next day. Of course, we’re not here to judge – we love both cocktails and mocktails (but honestly, we err on the side of cocktails).


We know that alcohol doesn’t make us feel good. Sure, it might loosen us up in the moment, but do you ever feel refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day the next morning? If you do, please share your secret. But if you’re like most of us, the effects of drinking are not so fun. With the wellness industry booming and our feeds full of self-care tips from all over the Internet, it should be no surprise that the #SoberCurious movement started to gain traction.


So what’s the difference between sober and sober curious? Sober, of course, is when you don’t drink at all. Regardless of the reason, you avoid alcohol. Sober curious is for those who don’t necessarily want to identify with a label (“sober”), but you mostly abstain from alcohol because it makes you feel bad. However, you might drink every once in a while if the occasion calls for it.


Whether you don’t drink at all, someone in your family is sober or you’re curious about testing out the upcoming holidays without alcohol, there are many benefits to cutting down (or completely cutting out) the booze.


We are 100% guilty of over-indulging during the holidays (on both food and alcohol) and that’s okay. If you’re like “no way, I’m not NOT drinking during my holiday vacation,” trust us…we get it. But we have an open mind, and we like to think our readers do too. So let’s dive into what a sober (or sober curious) holiday might entail.



Certainly, you won’t be hungover (and that is a HUGE bonus, especially if you’re over 30 — the hangovers don’t get any easier!) Although we’re not binge drinking over the holidays, we tend to drink more alcohol throughout the day than we normally do (unless you typically pop open a bottle of wine at 2pm during your work week – and hey…you do you). You’ll feel lighter (both physically and mentally) — so you can chase around your 3 year old nephew while also winning your family’s political debate. You’ll have more energy (that you can use to incorporate some movement during your holiday break – be sure to check out our website for our holiday schedule!) If you suffer from anxiety and / or depression, the holidays can sometimes exacerbate those feelings (and alcohol will only take that to the next level). There are countless reasons to avoid booze and everyone has their own rationalism for drinking or not drinking. Whatever you decide — you have to do what’s right for you.


So we know how great it will feel to be sober during the holidays, but how can we go about doing it where it doesn’t feel…weird? Know that it’s your body and you can do what you want with it. Be confident in your decision. Your sober holiday shouldn’t make other people feel bad about their decision or drink or feel awkward that you’re not drinking. Holidays are all about family and tradition. Know that thriving through the holidays booze-free might allow you to come up with new traditions. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine as a host gift, bring something more creative like a plant, a coffee table book or a little something personalized from Etsy. Instead of a toast, perhaps you all go around the table and say what you were grateful for this year. If you still want to toast — maybe you cheers with some mocktails instead of wine.


Now if your reason for abstaining from drinking is due to the fact that it’s not super healthy, the idea of mocktails might not very appealing (as most of them are loaded with sugar). Yes you could make some booze-free eggnog but that’s not necessarily the healthiest choice (again, if you’re going booze-free for health reasons). So we scoured the internet to find tasty, healthy and festive mocktail recipes you and your family will love this holiday season.


Homemade horchata with pumpkin seeds, maple and ginger

Photo Credit: The Bonjon Gourmet

Sober festive sangria

Photo Credit: Your Noodles

Cranberry spice tea

Photo Credit: Gourmande In The Kitchen

Ginger pear cider with vanilla bean

Photo Credit: The First Mess

Pomegranate Sparklers

What’s great about these mocktails is that you can make a batch for the family and if people want alcohol, they can add their own. It’s not like everyone needs to be committed to an alcohol-free holiday. This is also a great opportunity to create a new tradition — be in charge of the drinks and contribute to an overall fabulous holiday with your family. If you’ve committed to your usual holiday parties with work or friends, swap your vodka soda to a sparkling water with lime…and no one will ever know the difference (except you when you feel AMAZING the next morning).

Photo credit: Simple Bites


What do you think about the #SoberCurious movement? Will you be going alcohol-free this holiday season? If you have any favorite mocktails or tips of a booze-free holiday, feel free to share in the comments!



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