We love that the holidays are a time to gather, chill, reflect and of course…EAT. But we admit we can go a little overboard sometimes (and it doesn’t always feel great!) We’re all about treating yourself (whether it’s the holidays or not) but it doesn’t hurt to add some mindfulness in an area where we […]

It seems like so many things in life revolve around drinking – celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or literally anything else to be celebrated), gatherings (dinner parties, going out with friends) and of course the holidays. But with the #SoberCurious movement on the rise (we’ll get to that in just a minute), the holidays might pose […]

Finding healthy and delicious food in Chicago isn’t as easy as our big city counterparts like New York or LA. Thankfully as the wellness community has started to grow here, so have our nutritious food options (slowly, but surely!) What happens to be one of the newest (and one of our favorites) in that category […]

Welcome to nutrition month here on Between The Lines! When we initially came up with this theme, the first person we wanted to talk to was Mia Zarlengo (AKA @bitesbymi). We love how she creates recipes that are easy, healthy and delicious. Those are a few things that might be simple to achieve individually but […]

With so many diets out there, navigating it all can be overwhelming. Should we be Paleo? Vegan? On an all carb diet? (whatever Regina George says, goes…right?) But today we wanted to discuss a diet that’s whose intention is not to necessarily lose weight or to even focus on what you should be eliminating — […]