We love that the holidays are a time to gather, chill, reflect and of course…EAT. But we admit we can go a little overboard sometimes (and it doesn’t always feel great!) We’re all about treating yourself (whether it’s the holidays or not) but it doesn’t hurt to add some mindfulness in an area where we […]

You can Google “gratitude” and find the definition, its benefits, how to practice it and so on. But before you’re influenced by all that the Internet has to say, ask yourself – what does gratitude mean to you? Although there are core principles to gratitude, it’s a very personal thing and can mean something different […]

Have you ever come across a close-up photo of someone surrounded by what appears to be clouds of vibrant colors? And possibly wondered what app they used for that? Hint: it’s not Huji. It’s actually an Aura photo. Yes, you can actually capture your Aura with a photograph. So how exactly is that done? Or […]