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Oct 28, 2019

What Does Gratitude Mean To You?

You can Google “gratitude” and find the definition, its benefits, how to practice it and so on. But before you’re influenced by all that the Internet has to say, ask yourself – what does gratitude mean to you? Although there are core principles to gratitude, it’s a very personal thing and can mean something different for everyone. So we decided to ask some of our favorite people what gratitude means to them.

From yoga instructors and influencers to an acupuncturist and event producer, here’s some gratitude quotes to get your grateful vibes flowing.



“About three or four years ago, Daryn introduced yoga into my life.  I am filled with gratitude for what yoga has done for my mind and body.   I’ve never looked forward to working out, but I always look forward to my yoga practice.  It has made me more open to fitness as I never feel judged.”

– Helene Schwartz (AKA TSB Chief Mom Officer)

photo: @eatwellwithsari

“Gratitude means focusing on the joys of what you currently have instead of dwelling on what you don’t. It means accepting where you are in a given moment – good or bad – and believing it is absolutely enough.”

– Sari Diskin (@eatwellwithsari)

photo: @themelholmes

“Finding and having gratitude comes from your core… it differs from being thankful because gratitude is an action: it’s an eagerness to return kindness, to pass it forward. Gratitude is most definitely a practice… one that beams inner happiness.”

– Mel Holmes (@themelholmes)


photo: @maggieumberger

“To me, gratitude is the way back to your center. In the swirl of life, there are plenty of things to get hung up on or to throw you off base. When I remember what I have (and I’m not talking physical things to have, I’m talking about things like the people in my life, and my yoga and meditation practice) it’s like shutting off the noise and chatter of the world. It’s what brings me back home.”

– Maggie Umberger (@maggieumberger)


photo: @remixbygiselle

“Gratitude means an appreciation for all of life’s colors, the dark and the light, the mess and the magic.”

– Giselle Wasfie (@remixbygiselle)


photo: @missrenaissance

“To me, gratitude is working on being grateful for what you have and where you are right now. Wanting less and being in the moment is something that I always try to work on.”

– Eva Daiberl (@missrenaissance)


photo: @bun_undone

“Gratitude means taking a moment to pause, soak in what’s around you, and recognize everything that you have. If you take a moment to appreciate how full your life is, you will never feel empty.”

– Morgan Raphael (@bun_undone)


“Gratitude is that soul-warming, heart-filling, cup-runneth-over kind of feeling.  When I pause and take stock of the people, experiences and moments that weave together to make up my life, gratitude is the underpinning on which it all sits.  I am grateful for my wonderful family, I am grateful for my family of friends, for my TSB family, for my body that carries me, for the world in which I live, for the people I know, for the people I don’t know – I am eternally grateful for this one precious life, for all of it’s beauty and all of it’s shadows – I am grateful.”

— Daryn Schwartz (Founder / CEO, The Space Between)

Now we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments what gratitude means to you.



  1. I love this post so much, Daryn! I am grateful for my life, my good health and all the wonderful people I have met along the way–including YOU and your teachers!

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