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Oct 17, 2019

Local Non-Profit Organizations Making a Big Difference

We’re approaching that time of year where consumption is at an all time high. We’re over eating (because it’s that time of year where that second slice of pumpkin pie is always a ‘yes’), and shopping like crazy (Black Friday, Cyber Monday…it’s hard to avoid all those sales!) But at the core of holiday season (yes we are already using the “H” word) it’s really about spending time with those you love and giving. It’s not called ThanksTAKING, right? With that said, we wanted to give thanks to our favorite non-profit organizations who are doing amazing things for the greater good in Chicago.


photo: @igrowchicago

Hopefully this post will inspire you to give back in some way. Whether it’s volunteering, donating to a charity or finding your own creative way to help out someone in need – it’s important to take some time to do something impactful for someone (or something) else.


So THANK YOU to these organizations for doing such great work!


photo: @chicagoperiodprjct

Chicago Period Project


Let’s be honest – periods are rough. They’re annoying, they’re painful and they can be costly. Not everyone has the funds to buy things like tampons on a regular basis. Nearly 1 in 5 students in the U.S miss school because they don’t have the proper supplies they need to maintain their periods. This is where Chicago Period Project comes in. They truly believe that no period should be left behind. So they joined forces to provide basic necessities to those living below the poverty line so they can experience healthy periods. With their donation drives and fundraising, Chicago Period Project has been able to distribute pads, tampons and other menstruation supplies to local shelters, schools and crisis support networks. These supplies might be something we don’t think twice about, but it’s organizations like Chicago Period Project that not only help those in need, but also raise awareness about this important issue.


photo: @igrowchicago


I Grow Chicago


Chicago is known for so many great things – like fabulous architecture and delicious pizza to name a few. Unfortunately, one disheartening thing we’re known for is the violence that’s always present in our city. It’s not an easy thing to take head-on but I Grow Chicago takes on the challenge. They’ve created programs that work to combat the traumatic effects of violence and poverty in at-risk communities. Using nutrition programs, yoga, and the arts, I Grow Chicago fosters creativity, wellness and empowerment for individuals in these communities. This has been a charity partner we’ve personally contributed to at TSB. So each time you take a class with us, you help organizations like I Grow Chicago thrive.


photo: @trio.animal.foundation

Trio Animal Foundation


We are suckers for animals and it breaks our heart to see them abused or suffering. There are several wonderful local organizations that help save the lives of so many homeless animals. However, there’s one that really sticks out to us and that’s Trio Animal Foundation. They take in dogs who have been in very rough situations and completely transform their lives. You can follow their stories on Facebook…which is hard in the beginning to see how they come into Trio, but absolutely incredible to see their transformation and ultimate adoption. The money Trio raises goes to pay for the medical care for these animals. Many of them require thousands of dollars in treatment, which not every organization has the capacity to do. This is why we love Trio so much. They give a new life to these animals that would otherwise be passed up or euthanized.


photo: @biggreen

Big Green Chicago


In order to give kids a healthier future, it’s important to teach them about the importance of real food at a young age. This is at the core of Big Green’s philosophy, which they bring to life with their Learning Gardens. The organization is nationwide, but has a strong local presence. They currently have over 200 Learning Gardens in Chicago, which teaches kids about healthy food and provides hands-on learning experiences for children across the city. Getting kids excited about healthy food and involved in the process will help them make better choices in the future. They have some really great infographics on their website which we recommend checking out to see how impactful these Learning Gardens really are.


photo: @prisonyogachicago

Prison Yoga Chicago


We believe that everyone should have access to yoga. It’s such a key practice to help connect your mind and body, relieve stress and calm the nervous system (and these are only some of the mental benefits…certainly there are countless physical benefits as well). Because we’re firm believers in the true power of yoga, we hope it can reach (and help) as many people as possible. This is why we’ve supported Prison Yoga Chicago. They provide trauma informed yoga, meditation, intention setting and breath work as a form of social activism to help rehabilitate the criminal justice system.


photo: @chicagochildrenschoir

Chicago Children’s Choir


There’s something about the magic of music that can instantly change your mood (and for some, it can really change lives). The Chicago Children’s Choir sets out to do just that – change lives through music. Not only are these kids crazy talented, but the organization brings together children of all ages and backgrounds to create one musical powerhouse. A majority of their youth come from low-income neighborhoods and through their fundraising, many of their students are able to participate free of charge. What’s especially impressive about CCC is that all of their high school seniors have a 100% high school graduation and college acceptance rate. Not only are they providing a creative outlet for these kids but also setting them up for a successful future. Plus, they have a song with Chance The Rapper on his Coloring Book album (no big deal).



What are some of your favorite non profits in Chicago? Are there any you regularly contribute to or plan on helping out this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!



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