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May 19, 2019

What Your Aura Says About You

Have you ever come across a close-up photo of someone surrounded by what appears to be clouds of vibrant colors? And possibly wondered what app they used for that? Hint: it’s not Huji. It’s actually an Aura photo. Yes, you can actually capture your Aura with a photograph. So how exactly is that done? Or are you just like “what is an Aura?” Not to worry. We’re talking all things Aura today and thankfully we have a pro to help us out. We spoke with Cindy Luffred of Revealing Soul, who is not only an Aura photographer but also a spiritual medium. Basically, she knows what’s up when it comes to energy fields and intuitive healing.


First things first – what is an Aura?


According to Cindy Luffred, the technical definition of an Aura is “the electromagnetic energy field surrounding humans, animals and all living things.” So if you’ve ever heard anyone say “she has really good energy” or “I’m not getting good vibes from him” it’s likely the Aura that they’re describing. Cindy says that “vibes” is abbreviated for vibrational frequency, which is technically the same thing as an Aura. The more you know!


How can you capture one’s energy field in a photograph?


Thanks to Semyon Kirlian – the scientist who developed the Aura photography technology in 1939 – we now have a fun, revealing and colorful way to take a headshot. We can also thank a man named Guy Coggins who then took this technology and created a biometric feedback camera to use with humans. If you’ve never had your Aura photo taken before, you go into this igloo looking tent that’s dark inside. You then place your hands on this device while the photographer snaps a Polaroid. Cindy tells us, “the camera uses feedback signals from your hands to send signals to the camera, and overlays an image of your energy on a Polaroid photo of you.” Yeah, this is way better than those Polaroids we took in high school.


What are some of the key things to look for in an Aura photograph?


There’s more than identifying a meaning to a color when it comes to getting your Aura photograph read. Certainly it’s a pretty picture but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s where the colors are located in the image and the clarity of the colors (to name a few) that allows us to get even more information. Here’s what Cindy has to say about what can be revealed in an Aura photograph.

“I usually start by looking at the shade or tone of the colors in their photo. Not necessarily which colors, but the clarity of the colors. If any of them are darker or murkier, it tells me that they could be going through a stressful period in their life. And the murkier colors tend to indicate blocked or stuck energy. Lighter or brighter colors indicate happiness and a breakthrough in a certain area in their life. I also look at which colors are positioned together, where the colors are located in the photo and which colors are layered on top of one another. You can tell if someone is thinking of moving, pregnant or about to become pregnant, or going through a break-up based on their colors. I can sometimes also see loved ones that are hanging around in photos as well. They will often show up in the photo to let you know they are around and guiding you from the other side.”


Can your Aura change? If so, how often?


Basically we need to know – how often should we schedule a session with Revealing Soul? 😊 Because we are always changing and evolving, our Aura will do the same. Cindy says “[an aura photograph] is really just a snapshot at any given time of the energy you are giving off. It can change from week to week and month to month. It just depends on what you are going through in life.” Think about it – you could be in a great mood one day and giving off great vibes. But the next – your flight was cancelled, your computer crashed and you have a deadline tomorrow. Chances are, your Aura will look very different between those two days. It’s interesting to get multiple Aura photographs taken over a period of time to see how things evolve. Plus, you’ll have some fun pictures to hang on your fridge.


How can someone utilize their Aura to help them in their everyday life?


Just like astrology and birth charts, having your Aura read is another way to help with validation as well as learn something about yourself you may not have known. We already know how often our Auras can change so the information you receive from one Aura photograph likely won’t be the same for the next. Cindy states, “as you make changes in your life, your energy will change to reflect that. So aura photography can help validate that the actions you’re taking in everyday life are aligned with your highest good. And that they are vibrationally aligned with your path and purpose.” For anyone that’s a visual person, it’s more impactful to actually see these changes in various Aura photos over a period of time. It’s one thing for someone to tell you their opinion, it’s another to see visual proof.


Taking the “woo” out of “woo woo,” what’s the biggest misconception about the aura?


Like with anything that’s a little out there, of course there will be push back and common misconceptions. Before we get the scoop from Cindy, what’s your first impression about auras? Any misconceptions you might think of or may have heard? One we hadn’t heard (so thank you, Cindy, for sharing!) is about black auras. Apparently, they don’t exist. She says “because we are all made up of energy, we have an energetic field.” So even if you think you’re not giving off much energy, according to your aura photograph, something’s going to show.


Another misconception is that getting your aura photograph read tells you what to do. Cindy shares that “some people just want the quick answer about the relationship or the job. But that’s not really the point of having your aura photographed. You have free will and choices each day. Your energy is going to reflect those choices and actions, not tell you what to do instead.” So if you’re looking for validation or connection, getting to know your aura sounds like the way to go. However, if you’re looking for more direction and concrete answers, you might be disappointed. But, really – when you see your photo and get the reading, you can’t help but be intrigued.



For more information about Cindy, and Revealing Soul be sure to follow @revealingsoul on Instagram. And be sure to visit revealingsoul.com to book an appointment for aura photography or channeled medium readings. Also save the date for June 14 as Andrea from Curiously Present and Cindy will be doing a workshop at The Space Between. If you’re signed up for our emails you’ll be the first to know about details. Stay tuned! 



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