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Apr 29, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About CBD & Pets

Between our interview with Fleur Marché (our favorite CBD apothecary) and how you can incorporate CBD into your yoga practice, we hope you’re up to speed on all things CBD. But that’s only for us humans. What about our furry friends? Can pets get the same benefits that we can get from CBD? Let’s find out.

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With common misconceptions of CBD just being “weed” people might hesitate to give something containing THC to their pet. And rightfully so…we don’t want your pup high. However, we’d like to give them relief from pain, anxiety or seizures…and that’s exactly what CBD can do. Similarly to how overwhelming all of the information is on CBD for humans, it’s even worse with pets as there’s less research and it’s not very regulated. But there are steps you can take to make sure you’re buying the right CBD for your pet and administering it properly.


If you’re thinking about introducing CBD to your pet, here’s what you should consider.


Talk with your vet


Although CBD is safe for your pet, there is a possibility it could interfere with any current medications your pet is taking. So be sure to talk to your vet before administering…just to be safe. You can also check out the Veterinary Cannabis website for more information about CBD and pets. You can even schedule a consultation with a vet.


Choose your CBD carefully


Just like human CBD, there’s a ton of products out there right now (even Martha Stewart is launching her own line of CBD!) Many of these products have false claims and don’t have any CBD in them at all (just because it says “hemp” doesn’t mean it contains CBD). Like we mentioned, CBD for pets isn’t regulated so you have to do your own research to find the safest, most effective products.


First, look for good manufacturing practices or the seal from the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC). It’s also a good idea to look for third party testing, so you can be sure the CBD is free of contaminates, pesticides, etc. If you’re looking for a place to start, some top rated brands include King Calm CBD, Hemp Bombs, Pet Releaf, and Populum.


If you’re a current CBD user and figure you can just give your own CBD to your pet, think again. Although some can be used interchangeably, it’s best to give your pet their own. Typically the doses are lower and they will not have any added ingredients that are harmful to pets (like Xylitol or grapeseed oil).


Dose gradually


Dosing is confusing enough with human CBD and because of this, and it doesn’t get any easier for pets. Some CBD companies will put the recommended dosage on the bottle, while some just recommend you start small and gradually increase. We’ve seen a range of recommendations online, but the general consensus seems to be 1 mg per 10 lbs. Of course, our expertise is in yoga and wellness and we are no doctors. So be sure to start small or consult your vet before giving your pet CBD.


Remember, you want to provide relief for your pet and not sedate them. So start with the minimum dosage and increase gradually if necessary. You can even start a journal to track your dog’s mood and behavior to see how the effective the CBD is.

Select the right form for your pet


Like human CBD, pet CBD comes in a variety of forms as well – tinctures, topicals, treats, etc. Treats are the most common, as those are the easiest to give to your pet (because who doesn’t love a good treat?) The dosing for treats is very clear as the packaging will state how many milligrams are in each treat.


If you’re looking to provide more direct relief for pain, there are topical creams that will get the job done. However, they can be kind of messy depending on how furry your friend is.


The fastest acting way to give your pet relief would be a tincture. Most on the market you have to administer directly in the mouth (preferably under the tongue) but there are some new versions that have come out where you can put directly in their food.  The downside is that they’re more expensive. But if you have a finicky pet who won’t take supplements without food, this is a great option.


Watch the effects roll in


Traditional medicine typically provides relief for symptoms (basically, masking the issue) but doesn’t fix the root of the problem. Just how CBD works by putting the human body in a homeostasis state, it does the same for our pets. So if you’re dog or cat suffers from arthritis, epilepsy or separation anxiety, and you want to provide a natural form of relief for them, give CBD a try.


If you have any experience giving CBD to your pet, please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!



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