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Sep 8, 2019

Super Cool Sustainable Brands We Love

It’s one thing to have a super cool brand making super cool things. But you know what makes that brand even cooler? When they incorporate sustainable practices into their business. It’s not an easy task, so we appreciate when companies make the extra effort to create products from recycled materials, share their transparent practices, and / or give back to the environment. So today we’re sharing our 10 favorite sustainable fashion / beauty / home brands that will make your life a whole lot prettier (without hurting the environment).

photo: @renskincare

Because it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to talk sustainability…


Alternative Apparel

photo: @alternativeapparel

Cozy and casual, Alternative Apparel has great basics made with organic and recycled materials and low-impact dyes. Not only are their materials sustainable, but so are their practices (they really take things to the next level…and we love them for it!) They use biodegradable mailer bags. Plus, their factories are WRAP certified, meaning they manufacture their merchandise in facilities that are safe, humane and ethical. They make clothing and accessories for men, women and kids…so the whole family can be fashionable and sustainable!



photo: @veja

We were already a fan of Veja sneakers, strictly based on the styles. But once we learned more about the company, we were beyond impressed with their practices. The French brand not only creates fashionable sneakers but ones that are made with organic and / or recycled materials. For example, since their inception in 2004, Veja has purchased 195 tons wild rubber, which allowed them to preserve 120,000 hectares of the Amazon Rainforest. That’s just one of the many fun (sustainable) facts they have on their website. There’s so many more (you’ll be amazed by this company’s practices!)


Outdoor Voices

photo: @outdoorvoices

With an honorable mention in our favorite Athleisure brands post, Outdoor Voices deserves the spotlight when it comes to sustainability. Certainly we adore their matching sports bra and leggings set (their colors are always spot-on). But did you know they use recycled polyester from post-consumer water bottles to make these cute pieces? As much as we’re advocates for reusable water bottles, we’re glad those plastic ones are at least being made for something we love. We also learned that OV knits their seamless pieces in a tube (rather than cut and sewn together) so there are no scraps…and less waste!


REN Skincare

photo: @renskincare

We love clean beauty, and props to REN Skincare for being one of the first clean beauty brands and helping save our skin from toxic chemicals. Not only is REN saving our skin but they’re also helping to save our planet. Using 100% recycling packaging with refillable solutions, as well as bottles made from reclaimed ocean plastic…REN is doing their part in working towards being zero waste by 2021.


Weaver Green

photo: @weaver.green

It’s become more common to find sustainable fashion brands we can style ourselves in. But what about being more eco-friendly when it comes to styling your home? You can always opt for vintage pieces, which is great for furniture and decorative objects (maybe not so much when it comes to blankets). Thankfully, Weaver Green has found the solution. It took them 7 years for them to develop a textile out of post-consumer plastic water bottles that would be both beautiful and durable for home use. Now they offer a variety of items in said textile like rugs, blankets, cushions and bags made by weavers working in ethical working conditions.



photo: @bitestudios 

It’s not easy to find luxury items that are also sustainable, but BITE (By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress) really nailed it when it comes to high-end fashion. A majority of BITE’s clothing is made from organic and / or recycled materials, with a minimal environment footprint. Their philosophy is that each piece is created with a purpose and is crafted to last. So instead of filling your closet with cheap pieces you’ll be sick of by next season, BITE’s thoughtful and timeless designs will be in your closet for years to come (and less likely to end up in a landfill).


Aether Beauty

photo: @aetherbeautyco

One of the newest brands on this list, Aether launched just last year and is already a top clean beauty brand at Sephora. Aether founder, Tilia Abbitt, spent 7 years  in charge of product development for makeup collaborations at Sephora and quickly became obsessed with sustainability. She wanted to create quality makeup that didn’t have harsh chemicals but also came in sustainable packaging. Now, Aether has 4 makeup palettes that you can recycle once you’re all glammed out. There’s even one with crystal-charged pigments (and we love us some crystals at TSB!)



photo: @summersalt

With Summersalt, you can wear something to the beach that actually helps clean up the beach! Their swimwear is not only durable and UPF 50+ protected (like SPF but in the garment) but the swimsuits are made of 78% Recycled Polyamide. This includes recycled plastics, post-consumer materials and nylon waste (like old fishing nets pulled from the ocean). We love how Summersalt ties in cleaning up the ocean with swimwear…as they do go hand-in-hand. Another cool thing they do (although not sustainability related) is that they really went above and beyond when it comes to fit. Our biggest frustration with swimsuits (besides when they make us feel bad for eating the whole pizza) is that the fits are all over the place. With Summersalt, they took 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to find the perfect fit!



photo: @auratenewyork 

Just when we thought we couldn’t be more obsessed with Aurate’s stackable rings and dainty earrings, their transparency and sustainability practices made us love them that much more. We could go on and on about all the amazing things they do – like creating pieces from 100% recycled gold, tracking their diamonds to ensure they come from ethical and environmentally friendly sources, and using pearls from sustainable family-run farms – but we suggest checking out their website and taking a deep dive. It’s worth it. Their jewelry is all handmade in NYC, with pieces ranging from $25 to $2,800 (and many under $200). That’s real gold and diamonds for under $200, people!



photo: @reformation

Although we’re big fans of all the brands on this list, our favorite has to be Reformation. Their sustainability practices go beyond recycled materials and transparent manufacturing (of course, they do those things too). Everything from their offices and stores to their merchandise and packaging has been well-thought out to ensure the least amount of harm possible to Mother Earth. Some examples include using 100% wind power suppliers, investing in green building infrastructure, participating in programs that replace resources they’ve spent, hanging store merchandise on recycled paper hangers and even using reclaimed furniture in their offices and stores. We were blown away after reading their sustainability practices page. Oh and of course…the clothes are SUPER CUTE (and affordable!)



Do you have any favorite sustainable brands? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments!

Intro image via @alternativeapparel



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