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Begin Again 

studio reopening | feb 15 | river north 

find your way home and begin again. 

Being fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we were thrilled when Athleisure became a trend. Even better? It didn’t end up being just a trend – it became a lifestyle. Now, it’s hard to imagine a world without stylish workout clothes that can take you from the gym to lunch and beyond. But just five or so years […]

As much as we love practicing yoga at The Space Between and seeing your lovely faces in class, there’s something especially invigorating about settling into tree pose surrounded by lush jungle or getting into dolphin on an eco-friendly island. Whether you occasionally practice yoga and your favorite pose is Savasana or you’re a dedicated yogi […]

You can’t go to a store, talk to a friend or scroll through social media without the mention of CBD. With this multi-use product being used in everything from coffee to burgers (yes, you heard that right), it’s now widely available and in so many forms. Whether you’re already a daily CBD user or you’ve […]