Have you ever come across a close-up photo of someone surrounded by what appears to be clouds of vibrant colors? And possibly wondered what app they used for that? Hint: it’s not Huji. It’s actually an Aura photo. Yes, you can actually capture your Aura with a photograph. So how exactly is that done? Or […]

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hypnosis? Is it a person swinging a pocket watch telling you that “you’re getting very sleepy?” (Also do we need someone to tell us this or can we just take some CBD?) Because we are diving into all things hypnosis with Certified Hypnotherapist, […]

Between our interview with Fleur Marché (our favorite CBD apothecary) and how you can incorporate CBD into your yoga practice, we hope you’re up to speed on all things CBD. But that’s only for us humans. What about our furry friends? Can pets get the same benefits that we can get from CBD? Let’s find […]

You can’t go to a store, talk to a friend or scroll through social media without the mention of CBD. With this multi-use product being used in everything from coffee to burgers (yes, you heard that right), it’s now widely available and in so many forms. Whether you’re already a daily CBD user or you’ve […]

Considering we’re obsessed with all things CBD, we wanted to dedicate our content this month to that magical compound that gives us so many amazing benefits. As much as we’re CBD fans, we thought we’d get know some experts in the field that will give us the low down on all things CBD. Ashley Lewis […]